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Holly Keasey is a Water Artist, currently based on an island in lake Mälaren just outside Stockholm, Sweden.

Her practice is expansive, crossing many mediums and formats including community engagement, curation, workshopping, research, installations and publishing. Yet this expanse is bound by a niche interest in water as a physical substance, a cultural symbol, a theoretical understanding and a vastness that is integral and intertwined with everything.

Similar to water, Holly’s practice is in constant movement, pooling between desires to expand the forms of Public Art, re-searching how Art can be a critical and generative aspect of society, and creating support systems that will allow artists to practice in these ways.

Key to this movement is a belief in performativity to bring imagined alternatives into being by holding a space in time just beyond the everyday lives we already live. It is with this in mind, that Holly considers her practice as a mode of durational embodied performative research into the role of the Artist as a participant in ecology. A mode that actively brings such a role into being.
Holly grew up on an agricultural research facility in North Yorkshire, England before moving to Scotland in 2007, and then Sweden in 2017. These places, along with the North Sea and constant rain of the UK, have been significant influences on her practice.

To date this has led her practice to take on varying roles within many long term projects including being the Lead Artist for Trout in Transition with The Clyde River Foundation, a Director of the artist-led space Generator Projects, invited lecturer for sustainability focused programmes at CEMUS and Co-curator of the largest independent Public Arts programme in Scandinavia in 2018-21, Artistic Undressings of The Royal Seaport.

Working with a practice of site-responsiveness, her process includes extensive research into a site’s current, future and historic ecology.

Her studies have included contemporary art, philosophy, pedagogy, modernist literature and architectural theory at The University of Dundee, Teesside University and The Swedish Royal Institute of Art. Holly has also been active in independent and post-doctural research projects including Arts and Sustainability Report by Creative Carbon Scotland, Local Public Art Knowledge Hub by Sweden’s Public Art Agency and currently the Mistra Environmental Communication Research Programme hosted by the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences.

Holly’s chosen medium is any medium that lends itself to the given objectives, context and site for a work. Her use of mediums focuses on the generative qualities it may hold inrelation to an underlying activist intention. Having worked as a fabricator, producer, artist assistant, gallery technician, workshop facilitator and hostess… Holly understands how mediums function and how these functions can be diverted to form new meanings.

+46 732684276 (Swe)
+44 7487751286 (UK)

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