Sense and Space

Three Sisters: Roads to Space

A sensory dinner hosted in a disused aviation fuel cistern on an island in transition.

The island of Stora Höggarn in the waters surrounding Stockholm, once was a key component in the industrial development of the city, storing oil and aviation fuel. However, eventually these fuels were moved elsewhere and only the architectural remanents of this industry and the pollution it created remain. The future for this site has been discussed by many - to become a cultural site of spectacular swimming pools, to be storage for biofuel pellets, to be storage for toxic materials for the Royal Seaport or a playground for larping enthusiasts. But to date, the site continues to sit in limbo between its past and future.

Taking the site as inspiration and the other-worldly acoustics of the remaining cisterns, Holly collaborated with musician Hara Alonso and graphic designer Benedetta Crippa to produce a one-off dinner. The dinner rethought what the development of space is and how it is produced by experimenting with a potato based menu, the diners activating an edible choir and a mystical table cloth, called Blue Organ, suspended in the space.

The project was supported by Kulturbryggan.
(C) HOLLY KEASEY 2020 — GO UP︎︎︎