The Water, Ecology and Tourism Centre is a space dedicated to mapping an alternative take on a water cycle whilst also sharing research carried out in these three identified areas of interest.

The centre is facilitated by Holly Keasey, an artist, whose work explores how engaged artistic practice can act as a durational enquiry towards ecological sensibilities and living. Holly’s ecological focus is on water: personally, socially and environmentally. Using the water cycle as a structural metaphor, Holly intends for the centre to present and embody her methods of practice. Often working collaboratively, her practice is directed by extensive research in both a traditional and expanded form; the creation of mixed media installations and the hosting of conversations with water specialists and enthusiasts.

Holly hopes for her explorations to eventually meander towards more practical responses to current water issues, yet for now she is engaged as a water tourist at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, developing a methodology for the W.E.T. Centre itself. 

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