Intention and Denial

Focusing on the tensions that can occur across time when advances in technology develop and are later adopted for an unintended cause – this proposal aimed to highlight the works of environmentalist inventor, Lord William Armstrong, and how, despite their original intention, they are now being used for unconventional gas extraction across the U.K.

Lord William Armstrong


The UK unconventional gas (and to a lesser extent oil) extraction is the main new threat, in the form of three different processes; Shale Gas, Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and Underground Coal Gasification (UCG). While there are a lot of differing technical details these processes all involve drilling large numbers of directional wells at regular intervals, coating the landscape.

The use of Context – what is the context to fracking situation in the UK – historical context to the engineering invention used to get to this point – Yet the intention of Lord Armstrong for looking in the hydro power as an environmentalist and alternative to fossil fuels.

Why then making ceramics with hairline cracks in – the supposed reports that these cracks are controllable and therefore leakage into the water table is manageable.? Hosting a performative discussion at Cragside house – who would be invited? What would the aim of the discussion be – the desired conclusions? The point as tea spills everywhere? Why should the National Trust be more involved in this discussion?

Include image of formal letter to National Trust

Include drawing of ceramic teaset